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I was planning to write a review on Age of Ultron right after I watched the movie but I just started redesigning my website which is Version 6.4.


I’m a huge fan of MARVEL. So I was super excited of the Age of Ultron movie before it was out on the 22nd of April. Yea, we got to see it before May 1. How did I find the movie? But first, if you haven’t seen Age of Ultron:


Okay, let’s dive in.

The Meh…
I love the Black Widow and Cap (Captain America) in the Winter Soldier but here both were forgettable. I just hate that Natasha is reduced to a lovestruck Avenger in Age of Ultron. She is light years better in the Winter Soldier. Also Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man is my most favourite character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but here he is regrettably forgettable like the previous two. Well… majority of the characters are unfortunately forgettable. Each of them have their moments in the movie but they don’t give you a lasting impression – it is kind of frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the actors were bad – they did a great job IMO. I think it’s on the movie itself. Perhaps there were too many characters to cram into the movie to give each of them their own spotlight.

For a movie packed with so much action I was surprised that it was dragging. I can’t pinpoint the dull parts (blame it on the action) but you get the feeling that many of the scenes are unnecessary – especially in the later parts of the movie.

The Great Stuff
So who in Age of Ultron did I like? Ultron himself. He was great and I love his dark humour and sarcasm. For me, he was spot on. And you do understand why he concludes that humanity needs to be exterminated.

I’m not fond of Thor but I like him in Age of Ultron. He has loosened up which is great and his lines are funny. And about lines, the banter between characters are great.

Another character that I like was Hulk. Banner seemed more brooding in this movie and I find the romance-thing-y between him and Natasha quite awkward and forced. But I like how Hulk is portrayed here especially in the end. It’s sad though. They are all freaks or monsters after all.

Again, characters in the movie do have their moment or moments on-screen. And if Quicksilver was forgettable his death was not. Yes he died but the way he died is painful. It’s gut-wrenching.

There are many parts of the movie I love. A couple of the parts are when Ultron was retrieving the Vibranium in a ship wreckage and the fight scene that proceeded. And speaking of fight scene – that Iron Man and Hulk fight is totally epic, hilarious, and fun! I actually want more of that scene as I find it a bit short. Also, I think that was the part the movie peaked. More parts I love are the last conversation between Scarlet Witch and Ultron and the last conversation between Vision and Ultron.

The Big Surprises
Going back to Black Widow or Natasha, I was shocked at her revelation: it lines up beautifully with the comic universe. but it’s also very sad because it means she can never live a normal life. It breaks my heart, she’s one of my favourite character.

When the Helicarrier came out to the rescue, my jaw dropped. It was not really a surprise because I have seen every-single-clip MARVEL released on YouTube and they featured the flying fortress. Still, I was very happy to see it and realising it was the same old Helicarrier in Avengers 1 makes it so even better! Add to that, seeing the familiar faces from previous movies inside the Helicarrier is great.

Another jaw-dropping moment is Loki’s staff. I don’t want to talk much about it but what I can say is: wow, and that’s a long wooooooooow. It solves part of the puzzle in this MARVEL universe.

The Verdict
Without a doubt, Age of Ultron is great and fun movie but it never soared above its predecessor. It is not as cohesive as Avengers 1 and there is not one character that helps tie the movie together – not even Ultron. yes there are a tonne of references in the movie for fans but not everyone can understand them.

I give it 6 out of 10 stars. It’s entertaining but it leaves you wanting for more. It could’ve been better.

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