Random Thoughts | Part 1

Tuasan Falls


The Earth is changing, do you feel it? I am pretty sure everyone feels it. Right now it is HOT! Well, Philippines always has a very warm and humid climate. But this time it is unusually hot. I actually do not mind, I love tropical climates – just give me an electric fan and I am all good.


I had the opportunity to go the beautiful island of Camiguin. And believe me, it is beautiful! The last time I went to Camiguin before I went there last week was more than a decade ago. Little has changed which is really good because it is still the same untouched little paradise I remembered in the past.


I decided to move all of my website projects to WordPress because it is easier to manage on the client side – it basically works like a blog. I have a huge task ahead of me. I just have to deal with it and do it. It’s rewarding anyway: you learn many stuff along the way.

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