Been Away for a Bit


Been away online for a bit. Truth be told I am almost always online – and it is because I have this massive WordPress project going on. The design will also be a blueprint for my website’s new design which will be Version 7.0.

I also have a backlog of other projects which is bogging me down on my personal stuff. I am not complaining though. 🙂

Alter Ego and the Future | Random Thoughts

Life is weird, it certainly wasn’t in the past. We’re technologically advancing at an astounding rate but we’re also morally declining at rapid rate. Just ask anybody – What is truth? and their response is downright dismal.

I don’t make sense here eh? Yea I am doing it on purpose because most would refuse to hear it – to hear truth. The stuff I heard and read before are coming to past which is scary yet full of hope. It is scary because you know exactly what is going to happen but it is full of hope because one way or another… I’d rather not continue. If you can find the blog of my alter ego then you will find all the answers to this confusing post. 😛

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