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I confess, I am not good at blogging. There is not much to talk about especially when almost everyone has covered practically almost everything. There are a few things that only a few talk about and I don’t want to go there… well I do have a so-called alter ego that talks about the things not of this world. Don’t worry I don’t wear a tinfoil hat.

What’s New

So what’s new? Not much. I am still here in the tropical country which is Philippines. I do have plans to go overseas again although I have been procrastinating I confess. Well part is I was very busy with multiple projects – and blogging is the last thing on my mind hah! So where do I want to go? I dunno but we’ll see. I would love to go to Canada though – I have relatives there.


So anything new? Not much. I’ve been hitting the (home) gym lately and I got a couple of injuries, they’re not serious though but I still need to be careful. I stressed out a certain tendon in my right arm plus I hurt my back. I just need a rest.IFA 2015

I love electronic gadgets. Asus just revealed a brand new ROG G752 notebook and it looks great! There’s another version that most are raving about – the GX700 with a massive water-based cooling system platform. You basically attach the GX700 to the cooling system so you can do some serious overclocking. Asus is really serious and dedicated on their ROG notebook lineup.

Am I tempted? Oh yes. But then I am currently hooked with Apple’s Macbook – everything just simply works. Well not really – the Mail app problem with Gmail is grating. But sorry Asus and sorry Windows. Maybe the point where I will never look back at Windows or Asus is when Apple decides to make a gaming notebook. And that is WHEN, not if.

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