It’s Saturday?

What time is it?

Lately I have not been attentive to time: today I just did not realise it’s Saturday. I thought it was Sunday. Autumn is usually so hectic for me, usually the August-September-October months.

Any new works?

I do but I’ll post them when I am done with a couple projects – one is a branding for the for a certain company’s who will be celebrating 50th anniversary, pretty old and cool haha – an impressive feat.

What’s under the sun?

Oh nothin’ – well nothing that really interests most people. I’ve been thinking of CERN, that ginormous particle smasher in Europe. It’s a huge machine (largest if I am not mistaken), extremely expensive, and consumes huge amounts of power just to smash particles – protons? To find this so-called God particle? Sounds boring in my opinion (I know what I am saying is foolish haha). It would be awesome (or horrific) if they created the gargantuan machine to open a portal – like the movie Contact starring Jodie Foster. That, in my own foolish opinion, would justify the energy consumption and costs. 😉

So are we alone in this universe? It depends. Truth is stranger than fiction – trust me, it is.

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