Random Thoughts 160309

Projects here and there

There is nothing new really. I don’t have much to say. I have been busy with a couple of stuff both in Graphic Design and Web Development stuff. On the latter, I am finishing this massive project. It’s fun because I get to learn so many new stuff. It can also be very stressful – especially dealing with bugs.


Oh there’s a solar eclipse occurring in Asia and Pacific. I can’t see it though.


Ever since Nokia left the mobile device market I have been rooting for Jolla phone and their Sailfish OS. I am still waiting for a flagship phone with a Sailfish OS in it. Turing Phone is way over the top and design is not to my liking – just a personal preference.

Macbook Pro and Surface

I am really torn now on which device to choose. I started using Macbook Pro due to my work and now it has become my main computer. With the release of the Surface Book from Microsoft I really do not know which I will choose: Macbook Pro or Surface? I am still not planning on replacing my machine – perhaps next year so I still have time to think. I wonder what Apple has in store this month…

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