Contact Form 15B v1

What is it?

Contact Form 15B v1 is an elegant no-frills Wordpress-based contact form plugin using SMTP with SSL/TLS authentication. This version (v1) uses Google’s Recaptcha.

This plugin is meant to cut off or reduce work and time of creating a website contact form – all you need to do is input the required SMTP information and the Recaptcha.

Is it safe?

Yes. The contact form was designed to stop bots plus there is zero adware, spyware or malicious code in the plugin. There is no hidden stuff. I follow the Golden Rule plus I totally value my integrity.

Can I test it?

You can only see the front-end stuff which is the form itself. I am actually using the plugin so just click on the Contact button on this site’s menu. You can also check the image gallery below.


  • WordPress-based (v4.5.2) plugin
  • SMTP Authentication (SSL/TLS) only version – the no authentication setup, POP3 and IMAP are not available for this version
  • Integrated Google Recaptcha setting
  • Ability to change the form’s colour to suit your theme
  • Ability to disable some of the form input (Phone Number and Country)
  • Responsive design
  • Developed using PHP7
  • Payment below is through Sellfy/Paypal secure connection.

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