Random Thoughts 160910 | Norms

Rice is ubiquitous in a Filipino diet. Soy is almost the same. But I eschew both and every single time I eat with people other than my closest friends and family I am always met with curiosity and snarky reactions.

My life, in general, does not fit the norms of my society or perhaps in this world. No I don’t wear eccentric clothing and I do not act eccentrically… not at first glance though. It is when you begin to know me that you will realise that my thoughts and the intent of my heart are different – peculiar.

The things I do are not wrong. I know what is true and I know what is vanity – I see things clear as crystal: there are no grey areas, only black and white. And perhaps this is the reason why people find me strange or awkward. If age is determined by what era my personality belongs then I must be ancient.

I get bombarded by questions and snarky reactions for being different – even for vain things like not eating rice and soy. I can tell from their faces that they see me like I am sort of a hipster or like a health junkie. It is better to shut my mouth or hold my peace of what I think of them but  hearing these nonsense is tiring.

So what is the point of this post? Nothing. I know this is just vanity. This is just a rant from an old man with an ancient soul. I am not that old! But I feel it… I feel it.

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