Dr. Strange Review (No Spoilers)

I didn’t watch the IMAX version – aside from the nearest cinema not offering one, I tend to get a headache or nausea from watching 3D. Still, the movie is very trippy and strange – no pun intended. Did I like it?

I’ll talk about the characters first.

Dr. Strange

In the comics he’s a brilliant neurosurgeon but he’s super arrogant – he couldn’t care less if the patient or the patient’s family would be happy or not after an operation – It’s all about him. In the movie, though, I find him not arrogant at all. Well, Strange is a show-off but it’s something to admire rather than cause indignation or hatred. But his self-centeredness is mentioned although indirectly.

Like most, if not all, actors in Marvel Studios, Benedict Cumberbatch is the perfect actor for playing Dr. Strange. He’s also an excellent actor. You wouldn’t be thinking he’s Benedict-Cumberbatch-playing-Dr.-Strange: he is Dr. Strange.

Baron Mordo

Okay, Marvel (again and again) got all the casting right in Dr. Strange. Like, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor is excellent as Baron Mordo. Not much to say about him but I am not implying he’s a one-dimensional character because he is not – at all.


The background story of Mads Mikkelsen’s character is not revealed directly but throughout the movie you will get it: you will understand why he does what he does and why he chose to deviate from the path. It’s really cool and I like that I didn’t have to be spoon-fed about Kaecilius. It makes the character very intriguing.

Ancient One

Let me clear this: I am tired of hearing about this so-called whitewashing of the Ancient One. Come on, the people in Kamar-Taj are of different races: men and women from across the globe who went there for healing and enlightenment. It just so happens that a former Sorcerer Supreme chose a person, a former pupil, who does not have Asian features. People nowadays are overly sensitive that it’s grating.

Tilda Swinton is awesome as the Ancient One. The character is full of dichotomy which makes the same character very mysterious and intriguing. Also, you would not suspect that she (or he) would be capable of defeating many foes – alone.


Let’s just say: the interactions between Dr. Strange and Wong are the most hilarious parts of the film. This movie is filled with weirdness and Wong is no exception.

The Story

Short of Time

For a movie that’s almost topping 2-hours of runtime, it still feels too short. Strange’s time as a neurosurgeon could’ve been expanded, I just find it way too fast – like his Lamborghini. I really wanted to see more of him as the actual doctor before he became the Sorcerer Supreme.


There are other parts in the movie that I felt could’ve been improved like Strange’s progress in studying and learning the mystical arts. A time lapse of a single location with Dr. Strange would’ve sufficed inserted with a bits of short highlight scenes of his progress. It is a minor one though and there is a scene here where I find really hilarious – again it is between Strange and Wong.

Is it good?

Although it is not the best Marvel movie in my opinion (The Winter Soldier is still my most favourite), it certainly is an entertaining one. Again, I haven’t seen it in IMAX or regular 3D but it is still very trippy. I like the plot as well – there is a good amount of intrigue in it. And then the visuals… If Captain America: Civil War has the best action/fight scenes, Dr. Strange is, for me, a close second.

Is there an Infinity stone?

Many have already speculated that the Eye of Agamotto is an Infinity stone or gem. Having seen the movie, is the relic really one of the six gems? The answer is quite surprising and I was actually caught off-guard. Wong is just full of surprises.

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