Greater Aim

I don’t have much in life. I am not a millionaire and I do desire to be one. If only I was Robert Downey Jr. He’s somewhat my idol (I hate that word). Wouldn’t it be good to be rich? Who doesn’t desire that? I still do… but if you know the true meaning of life, getting rich is such a short-sighted goal.

I am already contented and grateful for this life although it would be great to have enough money to not be careful about money. I just want to live and die with dignity. And if I get rich along this journey – it’s just a little bonus because it is not what I truly seek. I desire something far greater than this world.

Think about it, we only live at about 70 years old. Compare that to eternity, seventy years is not even a speck. Again, I desire far greater things. I aim for things which in the beginning will force you to change the way you think about this world and about you. Only a few would dare give up everything they think they know about life  – let alone give up everything they have in this life.

But I did.

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