What’s new?

Almost like a million years ago

It has been a long time since I posted anything on this website. Well I have been very busy with work: daytime job. Also I have been doing many things as well. But I am quite active in Facebook and there are some new stuff there which I will put in my portfolio website.

What’s new?

The new designs I have are a couple of logos I designed for a contest, new planets, random sketches and some reworked or updated old designs. I am not sure though when I will update my website with new works because I plan to redesign my portfolio website. Again, like a million times now.

Redesign again?

I lost count on how many times I have redesigned my website. But why do I do it? Well It is part of my web development exercise – learning more about and more WordPress. Practice makes perfect and I get to see the areas where I can improve.

How will it look?

It will be pretty much follow the same layout of the current design of my website. The major difference is that I will use a dark theme or background: I am going back to the original concept which I found while sifting through my files. But most of the stuff will be optimisation – trim down unnecessary codes.

When do I begin?

The redesign will begin anytime now. There is already a design concept so all I need to do is start coding. How fast can I do it? Depends. The latest website I did took only a very short time to create which I, myself, was surprised. But my website is a bit more complex so we’ll see because it will also update my custom plugins I made. Still, I hope it won’t take me a long time to do it.

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