At the Crossroad: Apple or Microsoft?

I used to be a Windows person. I’ve always eschewed Apple products especially with Macbook Pros: I thought they’re overpriced for what they offer. But time changes priorities and due to work I had no choice but to grudgingly make a switch to a Macbook Pro. It took me about a couple of months to adjust but after that I understood why those who use Mac swear by it: what Apple got right that Microsoft haven’t up to now is the user experience. From the hardware to software, things just work and they work to near perfection. And it is something I really really appreciate with the Macbook Pro.

Now I am in the market to buy a new machine. The decision would’ve been very simple – buy a Macbook Pro again. BUT I am sorely disappointed with the new Macbook Pro. The machine is seriously underpowered, the specs are outdated and I couldn’t care less with the Touch Bar. And to make things worse: they significantly downsized the battery which is simply unacceptable for me. Even if they dropped the price I will never buy it. The 2015 version is far more appealing to me but then Razer just threw a monkey wrench on my choices: they updated their Blade 14 to Kaby Lake with battery life significantly improved…

Again, the decision would’ve been very simple but now you have this Windows-powered machine ticking all the right specs. Still… it uses Windows for its operating system and I have grown to love MacOS. The dilemma: on one hand is an operating system I love but with a hardware that is woefully underpowered and under-spec’d. And on the other hand is a gorgeous powerhouse of a machine but with an operating system that I no longer am fond of using.

So which one would I choose? A 2015 Macbook Pro or a 2017 Razer Blade 14? I am heavily inclined on the latter. But we’ll see how things will turn out because I am still holding off for a few months.

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