Random Thoughts 170617

Website Redesign: Old is New

While I was migrating many of my files from my old drive to a new one, I stumbled across a very old website design of mine. And… that will be the design I will use for my website redesign. It seems what is old is now new again.

I’ll start working with the redesign once I finish setting up my local server.

Toxic People

There are people who will never be satisfied with your efforts no matter how hard you try and no matter how much you’ve done for them… for them your efforts are never enough. It messes you up because it makes you feel inadequate – you lose your self-worth. And it will erode your identity in time if you allow these people into your life.

How far have I fallen? It doesn’t matter. No dramas: I’ll just pick myself up, dust off and move on. I can easily flip the bird at them but I have a better way of dealing with them. I’ll just hold my peace.

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