Random Thoughts 170921 – Hiatus


I haven’t been active on my website and other art sites and social media. So what have I been doing? Actually quite a lot.

Much of my time is spent on my daytime job and lately I have been very busy hence I couldn’t do my weekly planet designs. I’ll try to squeeze my time for that though. I do miss doing it.

Something New

The good thing about my job is that I get to learn new and awesome things… like finally learn how to do 3D! It is super fun and rewarding. And I finally get to do one of the things that I’ve yearned to do – design my own 3D car. Take a look at this:


For someone who only knows Graphic Design and Web Development – learning Blender is like climbing Mt. Everest – the learning curve is steep! But thanks to my good friend Clyde Igot and Blender Guru – learning was definitely painful but QUICK hah! I am still getting there, I still have much to learn and I still make many mistakes but at least I can now convert my 2D artwork to 3D. I am very excited to finish this project.

People Change

I left off my previous expressing my pain of being hurt by people who will never see the brighter side you. If I didn’t have a solid ground I would’ve sunk deep into depression. But people change. What really makes you happy? I found my true happiness a long time ago – this great treasure I haven’t lost even up to now. 😉

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