Random Thoughts 171004

When You Already Know

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have this… this ability to perceive things beyond the facade that we put up to hide our intentions – to hide ourselves. But I do. I am able to see beyond the walls: I am able to see things as they are… to see who we really are.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t given a genuine heart – I am not able to deceive men for personal gains. It is not in my nature. Why is it my desire to help others? Why do I take joy and pleasure in helping others? Even my fellow brethren hide things from me for their personal gains.

Their words betray them. I can see within their eyes. When you already know of their deceit – what do you do? I am good at holding my peace. Oh I’ll hold my peace and let the LORD above execute judgment upon those who have transgressed me.

Excerpt from the Black Prince

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