Random Thoughts: Thor Ragnarok Movie

Although I am not a die hard Marvel fan, I love Marvel comics and its movies. I used to even have a thesaurus of most of their characters including the formerly all-powerful Beyonder and the Catholic Virgin Mary-esque Gaea. I wish I took care of that book. I was young back then.

I have watched all of the Marvel movies and I indeed watched Thor Ragnarok. Did I love it? No, unfortunately. The movie sacrificed weight for the sake of comedy that I left the theatre wanting.

It’s a great movie and it is really fun but they should’ve really focused and dug deep on Hela and the truths she exposed about Asgard – the dark history behind the gilded city. Perhaps Marvel didn’t want us to root for the villain. They failed. I rooted for Hela. And I wished she executed all the people of Asgard who were so lifeless in their expressions that Hela’s undead army have more personality.

If there is one thing that I disagree with her it is her thirst for power because power is such a small aim when you realise there is something far far greater than it. And there really is something far greater than power. Still, I rooted for Hela. Odin used her. And when she desired to conquer the cosmos beyond the 9 realms, Odin brushed her under the rug and pretended that nothing happened. What a horrible father. Hence I somewhat find her anger and brutality justified. And she looks darn sexy with or without her antlers.

Marvel better bring her back because she’s one of the best Marvel characters in my opinion. But I think Marvel will definitely bring her back to the widescreen. In the comics, half of her body is dead. After she got struck and buried by Surtur’s ginormous sword, I believe she’ll ended up looking half-dead.

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