Review on Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I don’t avoid spoilers on the internet prior to watching the movie – the same is true with The Last Jedi. When the reviews were out, I read them so I knew what would happen in the movie. And for me it doesn’t matter because a good or great movie would still entertain me regardless if I already know the story – you have no idea how many times I watched Rogue One.

Most so-called legit reviewers gave the The Last Jedi a thumbs up. I don’t know but something was off. I watched it yesterday – and it was bad.Like Rey, I am no one. But how many no-ones are on this planet? Enough to make or break a franchise.

I am a huge fan of Star Wars but I am sorry, this is perhaps the worst Star Wars movie I’ve seen. I feel like episodes 1, 2 and 3 have more weight and cohesion than The Last Jedi, like prequels felt more Star Wars than Episode 8. For me there’s just so many wrong things about The Last Jedi.

First of all, the movie is dull and dragging. There are so many unnecessary parts like: do I need to see Luke milking a sea-cow? And do I need to see him catching a radiation-contaminated-looking fish? What’s up with Canto Bight? And why do I find that casino place much duller than Jakku?

Another problem with the movie is that most of the scenes are not memorable at all and I have no connection with the most of the characters. There were many deaths but I coudln’t care less. There are only two scenes that sticks: Lieutenant Connix and her evacuation scene and Admiral Holdo’s sacrifice by ramming the cruise ship at the First Order fleet. I don’t know why the former is more memorable than the Dreadnought’s destruction in the first act.

Snoke was utterly useless. He was heavily teased in The Force Awakens but in The Last Jedi – he was just there as a character to be killed. And add that with Luke casually tossing the lightsaber the first time he and Rey meet – it makes you wonder if Rian Johnson hates the The Force Awakens.

Now I understand why Mark Hamill fundamentally disagreed with Rian Johnson – I didn’t like how Luke was portrayed here. Mind you, Mark Hamill’s acting is great and the funny moments with him were really funny. Again, I just didn’t like how Luke was portrayed here.

There are more stuff I can nitpick – but overall it is not a movie that I would watch twice or even thrice. I watched Thor Ragnarok thrice even though I have problems with it (too funny for a movie that is has an Armageddon theme). I will definitely grab Thor Ragnraok when it comes out in iTunes or bluray. But The Last Jedi? I am having second thoughts about watching it – seriously, I do not have the desire to watch it again.

If Disney wants to revitalise Star Wars – they should bring back George Lucas. Right now I have serious doubts about the franchise.

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