Nubian Blackbird

It is a design exericse as I am very new to 3D modeling. I’ll continue adding more details to the jet.

It’s quite obvious the starship is inspired by the SR-71; combine that to Star Wars’ Naboo Royal Starship and you have the Nuban Blackbird.


The ship’s size is at around 175 meters long and it can accomodate up to 600 passengers.

Weapons on the Nubian Blackbird are few and are mostly for defense but they are very effective – enough to disable a capital ship. The shield rivals that of capital ships and can even withstand orbital artilleries. But it is in stealth where the Nubian Blackbird excels – it has cloaking capabilties and add to that – it is virtually undetectable by radar. It also has ultra-advanced hologram to disguise itself as a nondescript spacecraft.

It is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, known spacecraft in the galaxy. It is also one of the rarest.

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