Refusing to Upgrade (Mobile Phone)

The last smartphone I used was the iPhone SE. It was a very nice phone but I sold it because it dawned on me that I was only using it for Facebook  – well apart from call/text. Why not buy a basic phone and use my laptop? So I sold my iPhone and bought a Nokia 3310.

The experience switching from smartphone to a dumb phone was initially jarring. Suddenly I realised I no longer have something to use to while away time while waiting – say in an airport or waiting for someone in a restaurant. And I have to admit the change was uncomfortable at first.

Now I am used to not having a smartphone. There were times though where I yearned to have one. But recently I found something that made me decide NOT to buy a new smartphone: BATTERY.

If you research about battery tech, what we have now is quite ancient compared to the hardware where it is being used. We’re still stuck with lithium-ion batteries which, in a smartphone, would last only about 2 years at best.

Constantly changing smartphones may be alright to some of you especially if you’re in a mobile plan. Or if you’re rich and you are able upgrade whenever the new-gen phones arrive. I am not in these groups. I buy things that I love especially gadgets; and I intend to use them until they’re completely obsolete. So until a new battery tech arrives that can last for years, I won’t buy a new smartphone – not even if it is a Nokia.

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