Drawing the Line

My role as a designer is quite broad. I started out as a graphic designer, designing mostly for print media and textiles. I eventually delved into UI and UX when I began web design and development (WordPress).

Being a designer means collaborating with many people and – not just clients. In my current job I have to collaborate with my bosses, business analysts, back-end and front-end developers, animators etc. It’s not an easy feat but it is what it is.

I am quite used to my designs being rejected, it’s really nothing personal. I do understand that the goal is to provide the clients the best output in terms of design and experience. Although I do give my best, I am not perfect – and it is what it is.

Lately things have gotten quite out of hand. Without getting into the details: I have received tonnes of non-constructive or unfounded feedback. And i was subjected to rash decisions – decisions that made no sense given the circumstance or situation. It was horrible and it was unfair.

It’s tough getting over the experience – I feels like my capability as a designer was questioned… doubted. Even now I am still reeling from the experience. But I’ll get over it in time.

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