At Home

I wish I could relate to the people around me. I wish I could be blend in with the group where I am right now; right now as I put my thoughts down to words. But most of the time, like now, I stick out like a sore thumb.

I am aware that I might have some communication skills issue. Artists tend to have this problem so maybe I just suck at socialising. And it is what it is. But then I remember something…

Why was it when I was on a strange land, I actually felt at home? I could actually relate to the people around me. I actually blended in to the crowd and not feel like I stuck out like a sore thumb. Why is it in a strange land… I actually felt normal?

Right now I am inclined to believe that I am just surrounded by idiots. I feel like I have to lose my sanity to really fit into the group. But why should I please them? Who are they that I should care? So I stick out like a sore thumb, eh? Let me stick out my middle finger then.

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