Can’t Discern

Some people cannot discern pride and self-confidence. The latter is just acknowledging one’s capabilities or skills. The former is nothing more but vanity. One can be self-confident without being arrogant.

People who hide pride with a veil of false humility are the ones to avoid or cut-off. Usually you only realise their true intentions when it is too late or when they get what they desire. I’ve experienced this and it’s utterly disgusting.

Most of us are proud and arrogant. It’s just the plain and ugly truth. We do not know that we have it because pride can easily blind us. We can always change though and the first step is always to admit it.

At times I am proud and arrogant and I truly hate it. It is a poison to one’s personality. And if i have to get spiritual: it is a poison to one’s soul. No matter how good-looking a person is, pride utterly ruins everything.

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