Darth Maul

Digital sketch of Darth Maul; I used a reference to create this. I’m still quite rusty for not doing this for a long time.

T’vekkian Prime

Also known as T’vekka, it is the capital world in the T’vekkian System. It is one of the three core worlds in the same system.  The T’vekkian Prime also houses the primary defenses for the Third Quadrant  in the Theta Sector.

Mi’eta Prime

Mi’Eta is one of the planets within the T’vekkian System, the same system located in the Omega Regions. It has a richer oxygen content in the atmosphere compared to Earth. One of the planet’s unique features is its subterranean oceans.

Scarlet Witch

Old work, I did this after Captain America Civil War. I wanted her powers to look closer to the comics.

The no-background version is the 3rd image. I don’t own the original image so feel free to use it.

Credits to Marvel for the original image.