The Summit

These are old artworks I did way before. The original version is the first image. I should give credits for the stock photos I used but I can’t remember who they were because I deleted my DeviantART account. So to those who own the stock photos, just let me know and I will gladly give you credits.

Acura Sports Coupe Concept

This started out as a random stuff while waiting for my professor in class. I used only Photoshop for the entire car.

I started modelling it in Blender, procrastinated and up to now it is still unfinished. I learned more stuff about 3D though, so now I realise there are many mistakes in my model. I’ll redo it again and I will post an updated version of it.

The Spectre

One of my older works, it is an icy planet that is virtually uninhabitable. It is a deadly trap to those seeking refuge from the core systems as this planet not only has no neighboring star systems, it has an unusual gravitational field that blocks all known transmissions plus its atmosphere is toxic and corrosive to known organisms.

Many have dared to venture the planet’s surface but not a single one survived.