Mask of the Pirate Queen

Another Edge of the Empire project from Fantasy Flight Games. I illustrated on fo the book’s planets and a spaceship. It is so fun doing illustrations.


T’vekkian Prime

Also known as T’vekka, it is the capital world in the T’vekkian System. It is one of the three core worlds in the same system.  The T’vekkian Prime also houses the primary defenses for the Third Quadrant  in the Theta Sector.

Acura Sports Coupe Concept

This started out as a random stuff while waiting for my professor in class. I used only Photoshop for the entire car.

I started modelling it in Blender, procrastinated and up to now it is still unfinished. I learned more stuff about 3D though, so now I realise there are many mistakes in my model. I’ll redo it again and I will post an updated version of it.