Me and Death

Acquainted with death

We all die, it is what it is. This is a dying world and everything around us and the things we love will perish one day. And it has come to a point that I am no longer pretending that death is nonexistent in my life – I already lost many things that are dear to me. And I will not pretend I will lose more in the future. It is what it is. I am already acquainted with death and I know all the things I love, all the things I hold dear will one day vanish.


All is vanity

Whoever you are and wherever you came from, I see you as you truly are. We are all equal. I know in death you and I will be just that – equal. You can’t bring your wealth with you. In death there is no poor, no rich, no status or whatever power or position that we hold while in the flesh. All things are vanity. Pride… thinking we are something or someone but in death we give up even our flesh. I know because I sought out the truth.


Glory of kings

It is good to be rich and I do desire to have enough money to not be careful about it. Money is not evil. But there are far greater things than this world can offer – things greater than mammon or even power and glory. It is what I strive to gain. I know what these things are but I do not wish to reveal it. It is the glory of kings to search out a matter.\



I still am human. I am flawed. And in many ways I am foolish. But it has come to a point that I no longer think the way most people think and that my ways are no longer the ways of men. I sought to become one of the greatest; and I asked… and I got it. But it totally changed me the way I am.

Ambidextrous.. maybe not

I am not rellay sure about this but I believe I used to write using my right hand until for some time I decided to switch to my left hand. I write with my left hand but when I play sports like tennis or do martial arts I can choose either hands as my primary.

If we’re going to go technical, I may be more ambisinistral than ambidextral which means that neither of my hands are dominant. For me that means my strength is in my right arm while precision and accuracy is in my left. So when I play tennis, I can perform powerful swings with my right BUT with less control over where the ball goes. And with my left, I have greater control on where I want the ball to go BUT at a weaker swing.

So what’s the point in this post? Nothing but vanity really. This has been inside my head for a long time and I just want to share this. There may be a correlation to me being ambidextrous and other aspects of myself or my life but I cannot pinpoint at this time.

Starting Over

I have been desiring to revamp my website but I tend to procrastinate which is very bad. To break the habit I decided to finish it as soon as possible. And here it is. It may be very similar to the previous version, if you noticed it, but everything is new.

I’ve decided to remove all of my works and start over again because many of the stuff I put here were hastily done – just for the sake I can put them here. I’ll upload my works up again but I’ll put more time and effort in showcasing them.

I’m breaking my procrastination habit – I am back for good and expect new artworks soon!